Expertise in safety

More tha 40 years in firefighter experience

A company with an ADN made of safety.

Plaos Technology born in january of 2023 with two experienced firefighter founders, with the mision of making a safer world, working in prevention, in new products for interventions and in new products for helping people to recover his normal live after the dissaster.

Ricardo Oscariz Ortabe – CEO

He brings extensive experience (more than 20 years) in aeronautical emergencies as a Firefighter and Crew Chief and also as an Instructor/Trainer of emergency personnel and employees exposed to risks. As well as Commercial Director at SRF.

  • Crew chief (AENA firefighters). Emergency and civil protection technician.
  • Trainer of personnel exposed to risks and emergencies.
  • Technical and Commercial Director SRF (Security and Rescue, SL Training)

Carlos Plaza Aguilera – CTO

He brings a technical profile with extensive experience (more than 20 years) in different technical areas around computer and industrial engineering. Especially in automotive and aeronautical simulation systems. Closing the circle of skills necessary for the design of intelligent products, from their casing, to their electronics, software/firmware and connectivity with local or cloud servers.

  • Firefighter (22 years; Air Force, Aena, Gran Canaria Emergency Consortium, CEIS Guadalajara)
  • IT Freelance.
  • Freelance in engineering projects.
Expertise in Training Courses

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In January 2023, we join to develop some projects that could increase the safety to firefighters and people in general.

Safetier emergencies

With the support of the Vasque Government we are developing an ecosystem of smart products that will make much more safety the firefighters operations, focused in better visibility, indoor RTLS, acoustic alarms, telemetry data (water, distance, height, temperature, bio-metrics…)

Emergency exit with better signaling

We are pushing hard to normalize better signaling systems, with much better visibility, dynamic signaling, and the use of multiple sensors in each emergency exit that communicate in real time the real status of the emergency exit.

Better life quality

Carlos has desing a human interface device for one hand people gaming. Also another physical adaptation for different kind of dissues. That line of products let works play videogames o any kind of interactivity to people with any physical limitations.

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