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Plaos Technology

About Us​

Engineering for safety

We research best accessible and accessible solutions to improve the safety and life protection.
Plaos develops solutions in the three areas of the management risk cycle. 


Plaos Technology.​ In Esperanto: Technology Please, is a pledge to…

Deploy the best Technology Solutions

Actually the state of the art is much more advanced than the commercial products provides, and many useful technologies doesn´t reach to real world people.

Avoid structural poverty

Often the people with the least resources are the ones who suffer the greatest misfortunes and more frequently. The knowledge & technology can break the vicious circle of poverty.

Protect the life

Our mission revolves around creating technological solutions that ensure the safety and well-being of individuals while preserving our planet..

Promoting technology and crisis response strategies, aiming to minimize the impact of adverse events and promote resilience and recovery.

Our working Areas in the

Risk Management Circle


Prevention involves taking proactive measures to avoid the occurrence of risks or undesirable events. It includes activities such as risk assessment, hazard identification, implementation of safety protocols, and education and training to mitigate potential risks.
In this area we include training courses and simulations.


Intervention refers to the actions taken in response to emergencies or critical situations. It involves the immediate response to mitigate the impact of an event, protect lives and property, and restore safety and order. Emergency response may include mobilizing emergency services, conducting evacuations, providing medical assistance, and coordinating rescue operations.


Rehabilitation focuses on the recovery and restoration process following an adverse event or crisis. It involves providing support and assistance to affected individuals or communities to help them recover physically, emotionally, and socially. Rehabilitation efforts may include medical treatment, psychological support, rebuilding infrastructure, and restoring livelihoods.

The Plaos method​

To create new products


We research new technologies and afforable solutions for the needs of the best experienced profesionals. And we listen their wishes to improve theirs tasks with new new products or procedures.

Partnerships programs

In each area we make strategic alliances with leading sector companies to aim the best product, in less development time at minimum cost, with the best warranties to get things done.

Institutional support

Public institutions also participate in the development of society through entrepreneurship aid programs or supporting I+D.

We care about safety

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Institutional Support